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What You Need to Know If You Are Injured in a Bike Accident

Bike Accident

If you are a bicyclist, then you are aware that there are a number of things that can make your ride dangerous. It is important that you stay on the right side of the road, as well as avoid distractions and unsafe driving techniques. Whether you are riding on a bike path or on a busy street, you need to be aware of what can and cannot be done to keep yourself safe.

Right cross collisions

If you’ve been injured in a bicycle accident, you may be entitled to compensation. The first thing to do is to know your rights. You can file a claim against the driver for your injuries or damages.

Bicyclists are sometimes injured in right cross collisions. These accidents occur when a car pulls out of a driveway or side street and strikes a bicyclist. As a bike rider, you must stay alert at all times.

Right cross collisions often involve a driver who makes a right turn without checking to see if there are bikes in the blind spots. A bicyclist will be unable to react quickly enough to avoid a collision.

Uncontrolled intersection accidents

An uncontrolled intersection accident is an accident that occurs at a non-signalized intersection. These types of collisions are not common, but they can be serious. They can involve vehicles of all kinds, but most often they involve bikes.

The most obvious cause of these collisions is the inattention of the driver. It can be because of distractions or insufficient sight distance to the oncoming traffic. Also, a vehicle’s speed can be a factor. If the car is overtaking, it can cut off a cyclist, making him or her vulnerable to a crash.

Another cause of these accidents is the failure of the motorist to stop at the stop sign. This is especially true in rural areas. Many cities are trying to increase safety measures. Some have implemented traffic circles, which are mini-greenbelts to reduce speeding.

Distracted bicyclists

Bicyclists are exposed to a number of distractions on the road. Among the most common are distractions related to cell phones, the weather, and other road users. A study found that distracted bicyclists are more likely to suffer injuries and fatalities than their non-distracted counterparts.

Distractions are a major contributor to traffic crashes. In fact, distractions are estimated to account for 17 percent of all driving errors. While the risk of getting into a crash can be minimized by adhering to safety rules and regulations, drivers must be vigilant at intersections and on busy roads.

Some jurisdictions hold cyclists accountable for accidents caused by distracted operation. However, the driver is still legally liable. Cyclists are urged to use safety devices and avoid biking on congested roadways.

Cell phones

Bicycling and cell phones are not a good mix. Using a phone while cycling is a distraction and a safety concern.

Many state governments and employers are taking steps to protect cyclists and drivers from the perils of cell phones. For example, Massachusetts has a law banning texting while driving. Other states have specific laws for teenagers or novice drivers.

Cell phones can cause serious car accidents. According to a study published by the National Safety Council, 1.3 million accidents involve cell phone use in one year.

The same study found that drivers who talk on their phones are four times more likely to be involved in a serious accident. This is due to inattentional blindness.

High-impact workouts to avoid concussions

High-impact workouts can be very dangerous for concussion victims, so it is essential to know the best ways to prevent and recover from this type of injury. The right kind of exercise can help you to heal your head and avoid complications, and can improve your cardiovascular health, too.

For example, high-impact sports such as football, basketball and volleyball can be good for your body, but they can also cause a concussion. You should only take part in these activities if you are medically cleared.

Concussions are sudden alterations in brain function. They can affect your judgment, memory, balance and reflexes. Some symptoms may occur right away, while others may not develop for several weeks. A concussion can be mild or severe, depending on the extent of the injury.

Filing a lawsuit

Bicyclists who are seriously injured need to consider a lawsuit. A serious injury can lead to permanent or temporary disability and create significant financial debt. If you or a loved one are hit by a car on a bike, you may wonder what your legal options are.

The best way to determine whether or not you have a viable claim is to talk to an experienced lawyer. They can conduct a thorough investigation and ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve.

First, you’ll want to gather as much information as possible. This includes pictures of the accident scene, any damage to your bicycle, and medical bills and other billing documents.

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