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Diablo 4 Gauntlet Mode – Everything Needed to Know

Diablo 4 Gauntlet

With the Season of the Construct, the third Post-Launch Season, in full swing, Blizzard has additionally released a brand new game mode called Gauntlet Mode, which is making its way to Diablo IV owners worldwide. What the Gauntlet Mode offers is that it puts players through tough challenges, which are updated every week, testing the mettle of players and inducing a ranked and competitive environment amongst everyone.

Diablo 4 Gauntlet also signals the arrival of Diablo 4’s first-ever PvE Mode, presenting opportunities and challenges to players with lucrative rewards waiting to be redeemed at the end. That said, let us now dive deeper into the Gauntlet Mode of Diablo IV.

Everything needed to know about The Gauntlet

The brand-new PvE Mode, known as The Gauntlet, is coming at a perfect time since Diablo 4 is making its way onto the Xbox Game Pass on March 28th, meaning more people will now have the opportunity to jump into the game’s action. It was one of the most requested features of the game as well from the fans, which Blizzard listened to, thankfully, on March 5th, 2024. The Diablo 4 Gauntlet mode can be accessed once you have either completed the game’s Main Scenario or attained Level 100, where players are transported to a dungeon of a non-linear setting and have the freedom to start the dungeon however they see fit.

Before starting, players get the chance to hone their skills and equipment, as is customary in all dungeon-crawler games. If players feel like they are lacking in weapons and skill sets, this is the perfect chance for them to buy Diablo 4 gold, which can give them a head start in comparison to other players all around the world.

Suggested Preparation for The Gauntlet

In order to fare well in The Gauntlet, players are highly advised to have completed the following requirements or checklists. The first is that the player must have unlocked World Tier 4 and have a Gauntlet layout overview to prevent players from getting lost in this labyrinthian arena. Players must also have Full Ancestral tier items and Max Glyphs for their build. As stated before, it is advised to access The Gauntlet on Level 100 for peak optimization through Paragon Points.

The monsters in this dungeon are suited for endgame-ready builds. It is not advised to die in this game mode, as the player will lose a third of all earned Proofs of Might and will have to go back to recover them, which can be cumbersome.

Rewards and Leaderboards

Once the Diablo 4 player has finished a run of The Gauntlet, four random items from a cache will be dropped into your inventory automatically, and the dungeon, along with the Leaderboard, will be reset automatically every Tuesday at 8 AM PST. Depending on the player’s seal rank the week prior, four caches will be received at the end of 1 run of The Gauntlet.

There are four different ranks, known as Seals, that grade a player depending on how well they performed during the Gauntlet run, with the four Seals Being Seal of the Blooded, Seal of the Steadfast, Seal of the Iron-Willed and Seal of the Worthy. More information can be gained from their official website.

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