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Get the Best Home Improvement Services

Home Improvement Services

Home improvement includes a range of projects. It can include remodels, energy-efficient solutions, interior design and landscaping. It also covers exterior painting and installing smart-home systems.

Home improvement projects save money over time and improve a home’s value. These projects can range from a new kitchen to replacing flooring.


Modernize is a service that connects homeowners with contractors who can help them with various home improvement projects. They can assist with new windows, air conditioning and heating services, solar installation, roofing, siding, and more. They also offer online checklists and price calculators to help you make the best choices for your project.

They also put a strong emphasis on matching users with energy efficient contractors and windows, including those with Energy Star ratings. These windows are designed to allow in more sunlight for heat generation while keeping out the cold and reducing cooling costs. They also have extra panes to increase insulation, as well as argon or krypton gas between the window panes.

Unlike many other similar services, Modernize matches contractors with customers who have the same types of projects in mind. This means that you can avoid getting in touch with contractors who don’t have the right experience to handle your needs. Modernize also offers regular customer support by phone and email.


HomeAdvisor provides homeowners with access to contractors that have been pre-screened. They also offer other services like TrueCost Guides, DesignMine, loan assistance, and more. However, these additional features come at an extra cost.

Homeowners who want to hire a contractor can fill out the ProFinder survey about their project and get matched with local professionals. They can then compare the pros based on reviews and other factors. Once they choose a professional, the customer will receive text, phone or app notifications when their professional is available.

The service also offers a “Projects” tab on its website and app where customers can keep track of their communication with the professional. This can help reduce scheduling mix-ups and missed appointments. Contractors pay an annual fee to be listed on the site and buy leads (contact information for homeowners looking for service) for a variable price per lead. They can also opt-in for paid customer support to assist with disputes.


Dwell was originally a magazine that focused on home improvement, but it soon expanded into digital subscription products. These products included a community for design and construction professionals, as well as a database of services. These products were a huge success, and helped Dwell earn a lot of revenue. Its success caught the attention of investors, and in September 2022, the company was acquired by Recurrent Ventures.

Dwellworks offers a variety of services to help people around the world live comfortably. One such service is Winterization, which helps transferees prepare their homes for harsh weather. This can prevent damage and avoid costly repairs, as well as save time and money. It also provides peace of mind for homeowners. This service is available for military, civilian and contractor transferees. It costs $400, and includes an initial consultation, a curated list of town suggestions for the transferee to visit, and home appointments in the top choice towns.

The Home Depot

Home Depot is a company that sells tools, building materials, and other home improvement products. It has over 2,300 stores across the United States and 10 Canadian provinces. It also offers online shopping and home delivery services.

Each store carries a variety of building materials, lawn and garden items, and home decorative products. In addition, it has many products for plumbing and electrical projects. Home Depot also has a huge selection of tools that can be special ordered from the warehouse.

The company’s primary customers are Do-It-Yourself (DIY) homeowners, Do-It-For-Me customers who hire third-party contractors and tradesmen to complete their projects, and Pro customers who buy products for business use. The company also has a network of service providers that help customers with their projects. These service providers earn a commission from the company for each project they handle. Home Depot has also established design centers to assist customers with their home improvement projects. These are located in select stores and offer free consultations.

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