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Phenibut Purchase Guide: Tips for a Smooth Buying Process


Last month, seven high school students on Australia’s Gold Coast were hospitalised after taking a drug called Phenibut. Developed for Russian cosmonauts, it is an anti-anxiety drug with cognitive-enhancing properties.

Despite the fact that the Australian government has classified Phenibut as a Schedule 9 prohibited substance, current strategies for policing drugs would not have prevented the Gold Coast students from obtaining it online. Here are some reputable suppliers of Phenibut in Europe.

LM Nootropics

While most major online retailers have stopped selling phenibut because of the risky health effects, it is still available in powder and capsule form from smaller vendors. These sellers are often more trustworthy because they do not rely on the sales of traditional nutritional supplements to keep them in business. These vendors also tend to post certificates of analysis (COA) for their products.

The best vendor for phenibut is Nootropics Depot, which carries a variety of supplements in capsule and powder form. Their phenibut HCL and FAA have been lab-tested for purity and are of high quality. They also have a large customer base both in the USA and abroad.

Nootropics are natural or synthetic substances that enhance brain function. Although they are not FDA approved, they are generally legal. Some are even prescribed by doctors as treatment for certain psychiatric conditions. The most popular nootropics are Piracetam, Modafinil, and Aniracetam. While these drugs are not as powerful as phenibut, they offer similar benefits and may be easier to find.

Raw Powders

This vendor buy phenibut Sweden as a powder and in capsule form. It is a popular nootropic supplement and is often used for sleep problems, anxiety, and mood enhancement. It also helps reduce stress and tension. However, users should be cautious about combining this drug with marijuana. Mixing weed and Phenibut can cause adverse reactions and increase the risk of overdose.

The Australian students who were hospitalized after using phenibut are not the first to experience the dangers of this controversial drug. Although phenibut is a Schedule 9 prohibited substance in Australia, it is available on the surface web for purchase. This demonstrates the limits of current strategies for policing illicit drugs.

This vendor sells phenibut in both HCl and FAA forms and also offers F-phenibut (fluorophenibut). The HCl version has a stronger effect but is more expensive than the FAA version. Both are sold as a research compound and should be consumed only under careful supervision.


Phenibut is a powerful substance that can help you focus. However, if used incorrectly, it can have serious side effects that may affect your quality of life. That’s why it’s important to find a trusted source for this drug.

The surface web drug markets mostly sell new psychoactive substances and counterfeit versions of prescription-required pharmaceuticals. They also sell performance and image-enhancing drugs like phenibut. But these markets are difficult to access — they require the use of a specialised anonymising browser and the possession of cryptocurrency to buy drugs from them.

Developed by Russian scientists more than a half-century ago, phenibut (b-phenyl-U-aminobutyric acid) is available online without a prescription and sold under names such as Noofen and Fenibut. It is reported to quell anxiety, induce sleep and promote relaxation, but it can cause addiction and withdrawal. Despite these risks, it is widely consumed. Some people even abuse it to get high. However, there are some trustworthy vendors that offer legit pharma-grade phenibut.


Unlike many of the other nootropic vendors on this list, LiftMode is a US-based company with a real physical address. They also have a transparent website and a friendly support team. The company uses various technologies, including G Suite, SendGrid, and Zendesk.

The company sells a variety of nootropic supplements, including phenibut. The product is available in HCl and FAA form, both of which are sold in capsules and powder form. The fact that they offer both forms is a huge bonus for customers, as most other retailers only sell phenibut HCl.

In addition to phenibut, LiftMode also offers other nootropics and supplements that boost energy levels and focus. The company has a large customer base in the UK and Europe, but can also ship worldwide. Their products are made in a regulated facility. They are recommended by experts as a safe and effective way to relieve stress and increase energy levels. They are also an excellent choice for improving cognitive function and focus.

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